Lights! Action! Company offers MAX-OUT Fresnel Lenses - Maximum Light Output - MAX-OUT Glass Diffusion HMI Par Lenses and MAX-OUT Safety Lenses. They are made of high quality Borosilicate glass materials formulated to provide exceptional high heat tolerances. The drawings and specifications were designed by skilled craftsmen and technicians. The molds, plungers, rings and steel tooling were constructed by a team of expert engineers to provide precise optics, focal length, angles and dispersion of light transmission with high efficiency.

We provide "heat strengthened" thermally pre-stressed to sustain high heat tolerances and provide


greater thermal shock resistance which makes the lens more stable under wide swings of temperatures


and various weather conditions including extreme hot days, cool nights, rain, snow, sleet and wind.

The 3 and 4 piece MAX-OUT Convex Glass diffusion lens sets consisting Clear and


Matte Finish Fresnel Lens, Super Wide Lens, Wide Flood and Medium


for most 12/6K, 6K, 4K, 2.5K, and 1200w HMI Par Fixtures.


Lens replacements for many of the ARRI, CMC, LTM, MOLE RICHARDSON,


SUNRAY and other fixtures requiring our listed Lens diameter sizes.   818.881.5642

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